Assign deliveries to your drivers within the Moova network

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Get excellent benefits
for your fleet:

Genera nuevos ingresos realizando repartos con tu flota

Generate new and additional income making deliveries with your fleet

>Sin compromisos de tiempos de uso ni cantidad de envíos.

No commitments to time usage nor amount of deliveries

Cada prestador elige cuándo conectarse y los trabajos que realiza.

Each operator manager can chose when they want to connect and which deliveries they want to do

Panel operativo de seguimiento y control de los envíos en tiempo real

Operative panel that allows monitoring and control of deliveries in real time

Manage all your logistics from one single place

How is it to register your logistics business in Moova?

Gestiona toda tu logística desde un solo lugar
Your business operator enters Moova's platform
Access all of the daily deliveries
Select which ones are most convenient and assign them to your own fleet
The couriers will make the agreed deliveries
Earnings will accumulate in your business' profile
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Requirements for
registering your business
in Moova:

  • Registered business with the necessary permits.
  • Have a business licence according to your country.
  • Couriers with smartphones.
  • Fleets with resources and idle capacity.
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Register your business and start earning a profit with Moova!

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